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A lonely rose I saw by the side of the street,
I gave it a gaze with a broken heart beat.

The rose looked very sad, I felt like she was lost.
I was mad, I stood up and wanted to get a closer view only to realize she was plucked, oh I knew.

I stepped back a bit, she was a bright red rose, bleeding red.
Slowly starting to get wrinkles, that poor little rose, that's what I said.

I walked closer and closer to her as her beautiful sent became stronger and stronger. 
I held her up and asked her: "Who plucked you?" She answered me with a weak voice: "Who are you? What does it matter to you anyway?"

I said: "Well, who else's matter is it then, you look like you need a helping hand, and when, when did this happen to you? Where is your home?"

She raised her head and gave me a sad yet angry look and said: "Home? Home! Is that what you said?! Home!! As if they left any home for me, I told them to take me, and leave my family alone, and they did horrible things to them, they took my stem, family and my home away from me, all that in front of my eyes, and what did I do? Did I hurt anybody? Huh? Tell me, did I hurt anyone! They threw me on the street like this, alone and broke my heart, I wish they had ended me instead! But this isn't, no, no, this isn't the end, I won't let them do it again, no way! My name isn't rose if I don't take revenge from those criminals!! But alone, alone I can't do a thing. Will you help me? Or are you going to leave me like them?

My heart...

Yesterday I found a rose, a sad lonely rose lying on the ground.
I took it with me and looked after it, until I thought about her, yes, her.
I started plucking the petals of the rose, one after the other:" She loves me,
she doesn't love me, she loves me, she doesn't love me. she loves me."
Until I reaches the last petal and said:"She doesn't love me..." I threw away
the remaining piece of the rose as far as I could. I then put all the petals in
my pocket. I still have them in my pocket, and I will probably forget that they
are there, only one day, when I reach for my pocket
I feel the petals, all crushed, crushed like I was...

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LadyMimi101 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's a beautiful piece. You should write more pieces.
anime-master-96 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Student General Artist
thank you very much ^^ I really appreciate it ^^

I've decided to start writing a story, I think I have a really good idea in mind

im thinking of doing 500 words per post, do you think that too much or too little?
LadyMimi101 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
If you think that much is fine, then it is. Then again, it also depends on the story itself. Will it be a short story or a long one? If it is a long one, then maybe 1,000 (maybe more) words per post isn't so bad. If it is a short story, then 500 words isn't so bad.
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