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January 3


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You might have heard the saying ''a picture is worth a thousand words,'' well, I'll tell ya, we'll make it a thousand and one word


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand And One Word - Chapter 1 - A Princess And Her Certain Wish Continues

A Princess and her certain wish continues by Hews-HacK

Another day had passed. I was lying down on the soft earth and listening to the gentle breeze of the wind. I had my eyes closed, though I could still feel the heat and see the sun light through my eye lids. I had no sense of time at all, didn't really pay much attention to when I had to get up or what time it was either. I felt like I wanted this feeling to last forever, but only if...
As soon as that thought came into my mind I immediately started hearing the rattling of grit and sticks. I thought it was the sound of tires cursing through the wild forest path. I was thinking it was an illusion, or rather wanted it to be one, as I didn't want to get up at all. As soon as my realization of reality kicked in I felt it was rather a big car coming towards my way. I couldn't recall why it would come to me in the middle of the forest, nor have I got any meeting with someone as far as I can remember. Nevertheless, the car hit its brakes and I felt like I had to open my eyes and see who it was. I was still lying there, as if wanting the stranger to wake me up. Thinking of strangers I had the feeling of an urge to see who the heck it was in the first place and not risk it any further. Maybe someone was after me. Maybe it was someone I was waiting for? Or maybe... The door of the car opened in a rush as I stood up trying to open my eyes, while adjusting it to the bright sun light.
My vision was still blurred from closing it a long time. I saw the person walking towards me. I rubbed my eyes and I saw him... It was... Oh my god, was it really him? I just couldn't believe my self and for a second I thought I was in a dream. Without him noticing me I pinched my self to reassure the fact that it was reality. ''Ouch..'' I whisperer it to my self, it hurt me a bit, but I soon forgot about the pain and occupied all my presence to the reality before my eyes. Yes, it was him, finally. It felt like years waiting for him, but he's here now. While he was coming closer to me I prepared my self to stand up and give him a...

Wait a second!!! Wait, what the heck just happened?! Did he just?! Did he, just, pass through me?! I... I don't understand.

While all these thoughts and questions rushed and clashed in my mind, I decided to focus on what he was doing, how he passed me. How he didn't see me and why only I could see him? Did he see me though? Whats going on!! I walked closer to him as he stood there, staring at about the place where I was lying down. He mumbled to him self these words: ''Why did I leave you... It was all my fault... How could I have not... Why does this have to happen...'' Then he felt on his knees and started crying. I wanted to pat him on his back, but the thought of me going through him again made that useless. I walked towards him and sat on my knees in front of him and said: ''Why are you crying? I'm right here, in front of you. Can't you hear me?'' He continued crying as if he never saw me nor heard me. I felt like I didn't exist!! ''Can't you see me!!'' I almost started crying while I was repeating those words slowly sounding weaker and weaker. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't think of anything else. I only wanted him to stay there, even if it meant to stay there and cry for ever.

He stopped crying. I was a bit worried. I was worried that he would decide to stand up. I was worried that he'd go again!! Before even having the chance to try and do anything, he stood up. Not that I could do anything anyways, but I stood up too. I tried to reach out and hold him, this time I closed my eyes and hooped I would reach and touch him. I opened my eyes again, but he was a few steps far away from me at that moment. I started running to him, stood in front of him and tried to stop him once again. It was useless, nothing happened. I just couldn't take it anymore. ''I can't stand this anymore!!'' I felt on my knees and started crying, as loud as I could.

Then suddenly he turned back and said: ''Is that you Amy?! Is that really you!!'' I screamed back: ''Yes!! It's me!! Oh my, I just thought you couldn't see me and I was... I was all going through you. You made me worried, how could you do this to me.'' While a smile appeared on both our faces we were running towards each other. For a second I noticed he ran lightly away from my direction and he stopped...

He stopped. He just stopped. ''What has gotten into me!! She isn't here anymore!! She isn't here I can't see her. It was just an illusion. I... I...'' after crying out those lines he ran back to his car and started the engine. Before having the chance to do anything he went of and nothing changed. I was frozen there for a while. I didn't do anything at all. All because I didn't know what to do. I just thought of doing one thing at that moment. I stopped thinking and went back to the spot I was lying on earlier. I dropped my self as I slowly closed my eyes...

But before I could I saw a...


Click this link to find out more about this series and why it started and what its all about and to read more stories like this:

Believe it or not this entire story above is exactly 1001 words (the writing between the art and those dashes) you can even check with ^^

Make sure you FAV the artwork of this 1001 word story as it is a very amazing art work, thus why its been featured and made a story out of.

Make sure you stay tuned for more chapters to come, each chapter another picture, and another picture means there is another story to tell.

and until then, sleep well and stay awesomes

have fun and cya in my next post, until it blossoms ^^

(now that my friend... that doesn't rhyme at all... ^w^)

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ChillhYoh Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
Wait- you wrote this??
Huh?! XD
I'm shocked, why am I just seeing this >:^O
anime-master-96 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Student Artist
yep ^^ i did write this ^^

so, did you read all of it ^w^? what do you think about it?

tell me tell me tell me ^^... xD
ChillhYoh Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
Yes, I read the whole thing (I read very fast in actuality) :D
This is very good haha
I thought someone else wrote the story but it was yeww! XD
Well, you're just full of surprises huh?! :p
"I thought it was the sound of tires cursing through the wild forest path."
Imo that selection was a great illustration through words, 
What kind of personality are you trying to assign/ convey through the girl (Amy)?
Because it seems like I'm reading your personality in hers XD (or what I have read from you...)
"..., while adjusting it to the bright sun light.
My vision was still blurred from closing it a long time"
"closing it a long time..."
I know your referring to eyes but I think that should be more specific with that sentence,
That's all I can think of atm... I'll come back later.
All I can say is wow, keep practicing >_o b
anime-master-96 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Student Artist
wait a sec did I say ''cursing through the wind'' -_- it was supposed to be cruising...

well ^^ i guess i need to do some more of these to practice ^^

lol xD
ChillhYoh Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
Lol it made sense to me ^^;
Hahaha XD
I can't even... lol XD
Your mistake sound like it was intentional.
anime-master-96 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Student Artist
well not exactly, even though it wouldnt sound far from true xD it still wasnt the intention ^^

im just gonna finish off a drawing, and we''ll speak ^^ if u would be available that is ^^

cya soon then ^^
ChillhYoh Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
I know it wasn't ^^.
When you said "cursing through the wild forest path" It sounded like how they use things symbolically in poems and stuff, that's why I liked that mistake. ^^
Ok talk to you soon >u>...
DivergentFOUNDRY Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Student General Artist
nice idea! i like the picture too! this will deff exercise your writing skills anime master good idea!
anime-master-96 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Student Artist
thanks alot ^^

did you read it? ^^
DivergentFOUNDRY Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Student General Artist
yes, a surrealistic look at the relationship between a girl and a guy who had a long past, she appears to be phasing in and out of existence she is trapped in a cycle of nearly arriving at her goal of seeing him and him seeing her but he doesn't believe it and drives away...a depressing ending to this one with his disbelief and all but looks like it may continue...
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